Additional Services

In addition to the core of our business, The Gertler Group is often contracted for the following:

Employee Engagement Programs

Less about retaining best talent and more about enlisting employees behind common goals and instilling a sense of importance to their work and contributions, The Gertler Group creates communication programs designed to create an engaged organization and drive ROI through improved performance.

Marketing Development

Whether working with a CEO on a long-range planning assessment for his Board of Directors, or working to launch a new company in a competitive arena on a shoestring budget, our experience gives us the ability to take on broad roles for our clients as needed.  For many of our clients, we have served as their marketing department.

Competitve Audits

More than a review of websites and collected collateral, our audits explore the messaging, tone, culture and momentum of the competition.  We look at the key drivers of a category and weigh the success with which competitors are addressing those drivers.  We employ independent research panels for input as needed, engage with former employees of competitors and uncover untapped opportunities and points-of-difference where inroads can be made.

Corporate Events

The Gertler Group has planned and implemented sales meetings, corporate expos, trade shows, industry awards programs, established advisory boards, created user conferences and more. We have developed events and themes for clients in apparel, financial services, hard goods and other categories…bringing a consistency of discipline and attention to events with groups as small as 10 people and as large as hundreds.

Speech Writing

The Gertler Group is often engaged to work behind the scenes, writing executive presentations, annual reports, bylined articles and more.  We have created keynote presentations for our clients, as well as less formal presentations for use with customers, investors and other audiences.


Our pedigree is from the world of advertising.  Having worked for some of the largest global advertising agencies and on many of the world’s best known global brands, we understand the power of the idea and have the ability to create the strategic framework that allows big ideas to flourish.  We can craft creative briefs or engage teams to actually develop the creative output as needed.

Annual Reports

A discipline unto itself, we have developed annual reports and corporate brochures for companies in a host of industries.  In addition, we have created every type of collateral imaginable for our clients, from in-store materials including end of aisle displays and hangtags, to packaging, sales sheets, posters, press kits, employee benefits materials, etc. It’s fair to say that there probably isn’t a category of collateral that we haven’t mastered.