Corporate Culture Change and Corporate Communication

Red MenCorporate Culture

Corporate culture works best when it is reflective of leadership and allows for greatness.  Too often, it stands in the way of achievement, which can be especially true under new leadership. The one thing that is certain is that culture matters, whether in companies or societies, and that corporate culture must be nurtured and must evolve by example.

We have a history of success in defining and evolving corporate culture. Starting with conversation and observation, and continuing through to the identification of organizational behaviors that reflect the desired culture, we are adept at helping to drive cultural change and in particular, helping create cultures of agility.  We’ve even done speeches on this!


Corporate Communication

Corporate communication has never been more important than it is today.

Whether the goal is aligning multi-location organizations behind corporate philosophies, initiatives and directives, or communicating direction following acquisitions or other business change events, corporate communication is needed to build corporate trust and to tell your corporate story to all stakeholders across an ever-expanding sea of communication vehicles (some of which are even beyond corporate control).

Our experience in corporate communication ranges from multinational corporations to multi-location domestic entities, and crosses every audience from employees to investors to customers.