We formed BoomerGroup because we saw the writing on the demographic wall that pointed to the importance of this all-but-ignored demographic.  So we made it our business to be an expert about this cohort, and to lead our clients to decisions that would enable them to know, connect and capture the $4T in purchasing power wielded by this audience.

Engaging BoomerGroup

We work with our clients on many different levels.  Here is just a sampling of the services that BoomerGroup offers:

Conference / Meeting Presentations

We can get your organization focused on the Baby Boomer market by tailoring presentations to the needs of your group.  From an overview of Boomer trends to the do’s and don’ts of targeting this group, each presentation is custom-developed based on client needs.

 Market Reinvention Labs

BoomerGroup Labs introduce marketing, advertising and communication decision-makers into the Boomer buying psyche, and provides them with tools and information they need to get inside the heads of their Boomer customers. Each Lab is tailored to bring participants closer to Boomer buying motivations and what their brand needs to do to capture Boomer dollars.

Brand Audits

Bringing an outside expert perspective, our independent assessment of your brand, business, service and/or messaging will identify opportunities to maximize Boomer connections and purchase. Filtered against our proprietary trends and taking into account your brand objectives, message consistency, brand history and corporate body language, BoomerGroup Brand Audits yield observations, insights and initial recommendations in as little as eight weeks.

Boomer Stretching


Attractive and Affectionate African American Couple posing in the park.

Ideation Labs

BoomerGroup Ideation Labs help to stimulate creative thinking to solve product issues and create a wellspring of ideas for new and established products, messaging, strategies and direction. Participative and positive, our Ideation Labs unleash your team’s existing creativity and knowledge. These one-day sessions yield revenue optimizing ideas to Boomerize existing businesses, or to create new ones.

Message Integration

Cooperatively working with your team, BoomerGroup will integrate and align the output of your communication partners. Functioning as your communication consultant partner, BoomerGroup deploys its depth of experience in communications outreach to ensure on-target delivery against the Boomer audience.

BoomerGroup "Of Counsel"

Our ‘Of Counsel’ relationship provides ongoing strategic and business counsel for your organization, based on numbers of days or days per period. Our “Of Counsel” clients also gain access to our regular updates on learning and trends.