About Us

The Gertler Group is all about transformation.  Because let’s face it, there is very little status in maintaining the status quo.  There is also very little energy in doing so.

A personal, professional marketing and communications firm providing a full range of services from marketing consulting to strategic insights, employee engagement programs, corporate identity, corporate communications and more, we bring energy and vision to clients…always delivering on the objective but rarely confining ourselves to it.  Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned that transformation generally takes place as a result of an assignment.  That’s been our transformation as well.  And, we’re proud to have helped affect transformation in a host of industries and with some of the best clients ever assembled.    

As a company, we have the unique ability to strategically transform businesses, brands and communications, taking each along the continuum from concept to identity to brand to market success.   In doing so, we bring to clients of every size and in every industry the breadth of experience that comes from some of the leading marketing companies in the world.  

  • We understand the needs of employees and customers and how to engage both audiences.

  • We revere the importance of a brand identity and know how to create, communicate and grow one.

  • We value brand benefits and know how they translate into long-term consumer and business propositions.

  • We have the ability to look at the business environment and create opportunities by focusing key messages, and by leveraging audiences against each other.

  • We have the skills to develop programs in every medium, in every discipline, and against every audience…with no vested interest in any of them individually.

Separately, BoomerGroup, our division focused exclusively on the powerful Baby Boomer audience, helps companies tap into the enormous growth opportunities that await those who make a point of targeting this market-driving 78MM person demographic.